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Independent Study
1 Course
$54 quarterly
2 Course Combo
$81 quarterly
With Tutor Support
1 Course
$445.00 quarterly
2 Course Combo
$801 quarterly
3-Month Enrollment
Course enrollments are offered in three-month increments. If students complete a grade level before the end of the quarterly period, they can begin work in the next grade with the remaining time. If more time is needed, simply renew the enrollment for another quarterly period.
Personalized Online Course
Each course offers self-paced, adaptive learning technology that individualizes a student's course of study based on his/her personal progress. Our courses were developed to help students become advanced learners by the Stanford University research team that pioneered the field of adaptive learning.
Progress Reporting
The constant automated assessment mechanisms within our courses provide very precise data regarding each student's progress. This information is summarized in real-time reports made available to students and parents.
Digital Classroom Sessions
Students participate in live online classes with their tutors and other students, providing rich academic interaction with peers and live instruction.
Introductory Session Only
Unlimited Tutor Support
Our expert tutors have deep subject mastery and experience developing advanced learners. In addition to leading digital classroom sessions for small groups, tutors are available to students on a one-on-one basis and communicate via video chat, phone, and email.
Academic Coaching
Our expert tutors help parents and students create ambitious academic goals, provide learning strategies, and serve as educational mentors.
Parent-Tutor Conferences
These collaborative sessions between parents and tutors include goal setting, reviewing student academic progress and sharing helpful resources and recommendations.
Course Comprehension Exams
Many Tutor Supported courses feature end-of-course exams designed to assess students' mastery of the material covered in the course. In most cases, students are required to score over 80% on these exams to complete the course.
Completion Certificates
Completion Certificates from are printed and emailed for every student that completes a course. Completion certificates are a great way to demonstrate academic knowledge of a particular course.
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the academic & financial policies?
We continually introduce new features and controls to help customers get the most out of their courses. With each update to our services, we align our Academic and Financial policies to reflect our new features and make them easy to understand. Learn more about our current Academic and Financial policies.
What's the difference between Tutor Supported and Independent Study courses?

All of our courses are self-paced, so students receive instruction and work independently according to their schedule.

Our Tutor Supported courses increase personalization and learning acceleration through the help of a dedicated tutor with deep subject mastery and teaching experience. Tutors provide one-on-one guidance and work directly with students through digital classrooms, email, and phone to deliver a highly personalized learning experience. Our more advanced secondary level courses feature more complex concepts that often require expert guidance, therefore, all secondary level courses are exclusively offered with a tutor. Tutors work with both students and parents to identify learning objectives, closely monitor performance and communicate progress.

For students in Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition, Language Arts and Writing, Beginning Algebra, and Intermediate Algebra, we offer Independent Study access. Students are able to draw from sophisticated computerized supports and lectures to accelerate their learning while working independently or with some limited parental guidance. For additional academic support, you can upgrade to the tutor supported versions of these courses at any time by contacting a member of our Customer Experience team.

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