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Learning Center
The Heart of Student Success
Our Learning Center is the hub where students realize their academic potential, access their courses, communicate with tutors, view reporting and much more. When students log in to, they automatically land in the Learning Center.
Ready, Set, Go!
Students access all of their adaptive courses from the Learning Center and can review their progress at any time. They can also view a coursework calendar, communicate with their tutors and see future events like Digital Classroom schedules or Exploration Class events.
Learning Center
Progress Report
View Student Accomplishments with Real-time Progress Reporting
Our visual reports provide a high-level, up-to-date snapshot of student progress. Course logs show a monthly view of every session the student has worked on a daily basis. Video replays of every session, called Snapshots, are available for the most detailed understanding of your student's progress. See every right and wrong response so you know where your student is succeeding or where they need more instruction or practice.
Customize Your Student's Experience with Parental Controls
Parents can change or modify course placement settings to ensure their student is receiving the right amount of challenge at the right time when beginning their courses. Parents can also view individual sessions via video replays to know exactly where students excelled and where they need additional work.
Parent Center
I love the way that recognizes the ability that most children possess if given the right circumstances.
Tina Marie E., Parent
I feel that these programs are excellent for helping kids get a head start in the world before they complete school.
Alexander S., Parent
We are very pleased with the program and the proactive role the tutors take in the program.
Sohee C., Parent
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get to the Learning Center?
Our Learning Center is the online portal for both students and parents. A link to the Learning Center appears in the top menu bar when users log in to Students land in the Learning Center automatically, where they can access their courses and other important resources. Parents can view their student's coursework calendar, view progress reports, and access additional information on courseware and support.
Additional information about the Learning Center
How do I view the progress reports?
Our Learning Center is the online portal for both students and parents. Depending on the account used to log in, students and parents have access to detailed reports with varying visibility into the student's performance history.
Learn more about how to view student progress reports
How do I adjust the grade placement of my course?

For students taking Tutor Supported courses, the grade level placement is determined in collaboration with the student, parent, and tutor. The tutor will apply the agreed upon grade level placement change to the student's enrollment.

For students taking Independent Study courses, the grade level placement can be adjusted at any time by the parent, using the Parent Account Credentials.
Video tutorial on how to change grade placement