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6th Grade Math is the culmination of 25 years of research at Stanford University. Our online math course includes:

Adaptive Curriculum


Once a student demonstrates proficiency with a skill, our courseware automatically adapts and targets new skills for mathematics mastery.

15,000+ Math Problems


Math games, digital manipulatives, and videos. Oh my! A variety of instructional methods ensure student engagement and learning.

STEM-based Projects


STEM-based projects and career explorations address real-world challenges. Students gain practical experience with design, coding and simulation tools.

Explore Our K-7 Math Course

6th Grade Math Games

In 6th grade math students will tackle rational numbers, proportional reasoning, algebraic reasoning, and equations. Because every student learns differently, our online course has multiple instructional methods. Explore some of the 6th grade games, problems and projects.

6th Grade Math Problems

6th Grade STEM Project

In this STEM project, students design an irrigation system that allows the farmer to harvest all 3 crops and earn at least $400,000.


6th Grade Math Skills Addressed in Our K-7 Program

Rational Numbers and Absolute Value
  • - Explore Integers
  • - Rational Numbers
  • - Compare and Order Rational Numbers
  • - Understand Absolute Value
Rational Numbers in the Coordinate Plane
  • - Graphs on the Coordinate Plane
  • - Distance in the Coordinate Plane
  • - Reflections on the Coordinate Plane
  • - Problem Solving with the Coordinate Plane
Division of Fractions
  • - Model Division with Unit Fractions
  • - Model Fraction Division
  • - Write Fraction Division Equations
  • - Create, Model, and Solve Problems with Fraction Division
  • - Problem Solving with Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Ratios and Rates
  • - Visualize and Represent Ratios
  • - Compare Ratios
  • - Unit Rates
  • - Graph Rates and Other Ratios
  • - Convert Measurement Units
  • - Problem Solving with Unit Rates
Proportions and Proportional Reasoning
  • - Write Proportions
  • - Strategies to Solve Proportions
  • - Percents
  • - Solve Percent Problems
  • - Problem Solving with Proportions
Algebraic Reasoning: Write and Evaluate Expressions
  • - Introduction to Exponents
  • - Order of Operations
  • - Numerical Expressions
  • - Transition to Algebraic Expressions
  • - Read and Write Algebraic Expressions Part 1
  • - Read and Write Algebraic Expressions Part 2
  • - Equivalent Expressions
  • - Use Equivalent Expressions to Simplify
  • - Problem Solving with Algebraic Expressions
Equations and Inequalities
  • - Check for Solutions to Equations
  • - Write 1-Variable Equations
  • - Solve 1-Variable Equations
  • - Problem Solving with 1-Variable Equations
  • - Represent 2-Variable Relationships
  • - Analyze Relationships Using Tables and Graphs
  • - Relate Tables and Graphs to Equations
  • - Write Inequalities
  • - Solutions of Inequalities

Explore Our K-7 Math Course