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4th Grade Math is the culmination of 25 years of research at Stanford University. Our online math course includes:

Adaptive Curriculum


Once a student demonstrates proficiency with a skill, our courseware automatically adapts and targets new skills for mathematics mastery.

15,000+ Math Problems


Math games, digital manipulatives, and videos. Oh my! A variety of instructional methods ensure student engagement and learning.

STEM-based Projects


STEM-based projects and career explorations address real-world challenges. Students gain practical experience with design, coding and simulation tools.

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4th Grade Math Games

In 4th grade math students will tackle foundations in base ten, multiplication, division, and fractions. Because every student learns differently, our online course has multiple instructional methods. Explore some of the 4th grade games, problems and projects.

4th Grade Math Problems

4th Grade STEM Project

Using foundations in base ten, students will be introduced to a real electrical engineer. Next, they learn about energy resources and use their new knowledge to power a city.

4th Grade Math Skills Addressed in Our K-7 Program

Foundations in Base Ten
  • - Read and Write Multi-Digit Numbers
  • - Place Value Relationships
  • - Compare Numbers
  • - Round Numbers
  • - Addition
  • - Subtraction
  • - Problem Solving with Addition and Subtraction
Multiplication and Division
  • - Multiplication as Comparison
  • - Tape Diagrams and Multiplication Comparisons
  • - Factors and Multiples
  • - Investigate Remainders
Extend Multiplication Concepts
  • - Multiply by 10, 100, and 1000
  • - Estimate Products
  • - Use Area Diagram to Multiply by 1-Digit Number
  • - Use Distributive Property to Multiply by 1-Digit Number
  • - Use Area Diagram to Multiply by 2-Digit Number
  • - Use Distributive Property to Multiple by 2-Digit Number
  • - Multiplication in Problem Solving
Extend Division Concepts
  • - Divide 10s, 100s, and 1000s
  • - Estimate Quotients
  • - Area Diagrams in Division
  • - Distributive Property in Division
  • - Zeros in Division
  • - Problem Solving with 1-Digit Divisors
  • - Problem Solving with Division and Other Operations
Equivalent Fractions
  • - Fractions: Compare Whole Numbers to Make New Numbers
  • - Compare Fractions with Models
  • - Compare and Order Fractions
  • - Multiply to Create Equivalent Fractions
  • - Divide to Create Equivalent Fractions
Operations with Fractions
  • - Add Unit Fractions
  • - Add Fractions
  • - Subtract Fractions
  • - Mixed Numbers
  • - Improper Fractions
  • - Problem Solving with Fractions with Like Denominators
  • - Multiples of Unit Fractions
  • - Multiply a Fraction by a Whole Number
  • - Problem Solving with Fractions and Mixed Operations
Decimal Fraction Concepts
  • - Decimal Fractions
  • - Add Decimal Fractions
  • - Write Fractions in Decimal Notation

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